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Services & Custom Costumes

Dance Team Fittings

SAS Dance Supply has been privileged to work with several school dance teams for the past several years.  If you are a coach, sponsor, or advisor for a dance team, cheer team, or color guard team, SAS offers no hassle ordering of shoes, tights, undergarments, and anything else you may need.  We will meet with you to decide what products work best for your team, schedule a time to come fit your team with actual samples, place the order for your items, and deliver the orders back to you.  This ensures every team member has all the correct items needed, when they need them.  Bulk discounts are offered for all school teams!  We are also happy to offer tax-free with appropriate paper work.

Competition Team Fittings

If you are a studio owner that has a Competition Team, we would love to work with you!  Let SAS Dance Supply fit your team for shoes, tights, undergarments, etc!  We can arrange a time to bring samples to fit your team members! Once all members have been sized, we will place a bulk order, offering you a discount!  We will deliver the merchandise to you, individually labeled.  No sizing!  No ordering! No sorting! No delivering!  What could be easier?

Custom Costumes

SAS Dance Supply is the only dance store in the St. Louis area that offers custom dance costumes!  Our Professional costume designers and seamstresses will meet with you to discuss your needs and ideas.  We will go through our fabric selection books with you to determine the best fabric to obtain the look you desire.  We will do all the measuring ourselves in order to get the best possible fit.  Fittings will be done periodically during the construction process to make sure the costume is what you intended.  All custom costumes require an appointment for discussion and fitting.

Semi-custom Costumes

Do you have a costume that is just not right?  Does it need a little something extra?  Would you like to add a skirt?  SAS Dance Supply can help with that!  We have a wide variety of trims and appliques in stock that can easily be added to any costume.  Schedule an appointment with one of our seamstresses and let us see how we can help!

Custom Rhinestone Services

If you are looking for guidance or someone to rhinestone for you, SAS Dance Supply is your place!  We can help you pick the color, size, and design for your project, give you step by step instructions, or even rhinestone the project for you!  Schedule an appointment to talk to us today!

Pointe Shoe Sewing

Even though SAS Dance Supply does not currently offer pointe shoes, we can offer you the service to sew your ribbon and elastic!  Both seamstresses are knowledgeable as to how the elastic and ribbon should be fit. 


Whether it is a dance costume or street clothes, SAS Dance Supply offers alteration services.  We can hem skirts, pants and dresses.  We can replace missing buttons. We can do some fitting issue alterations.  We also hem prom, homecoming, and bridesmaids dresses.  Also, ask us about sewing a bra into a costume or dress for you! 

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